Proud Kid At Heart!~

Therd: Why Hello there peeps! Therd Kirkstone's the name. I remarried a beautiful woman named Isabella long ago the time we met each other again, and fixed up the pieces. Our kids include well, the many versions of Oncie hehe! and a couple of twins who are Brett and Chett, and Greg and Loreena. There is also other twins named Damien and Rain, half pup and human..it's a complicated long story eh-heh ^^; and they recently have an adopted father named Marco :). Lastly My wife and I have a new addition to the family, Debbie!
Yow-zah, that's a lot of kids, it's a full house! Anyways, if you wanna know more, don't hesitate to ask!

Thred: Uhm yeah what's up? The name's Thred, very shitty name I know. I'm jusst a counterpart for that sstupid old hag blah blah blah. And I used to be a huge pimp but I've changed, I'm now taken by Karkata, who is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen <33. and we have a little grub named Logan and new addition to the family, Alana. Wanna know more, you can assk me. I suppose, I can try to be nicce..

Gregory: What up? The name's Gregory! I am Loreena's twin brother. I'm also a little brother of Oncie,Brett and Chett, they're awesome! and oh I also take care of my little sibling Debbie. Need to know more? Ask away~!

Therd and Thred's younger selves are now separate people for as long so the mun wants. (( 30 asks maybe))

Therd: taken by Izzy~ (Married)

Thred: taken by Karkata~

(( DC Riptide Studd!Therd sketches. so much fun. .w. ))
(( larger size found here ))

(( DC Riptide Studd!Therd sketches. so much fun. .w. ))

(( larger size found here ))